A Christian Viewpoint on Terrorism and the 9-ll Tragedy

 - Just as believers in Nigeria responding to the deadly interreligious riots going on there, as do believers on the West Bank and in Afghanistan and in every corner of the globe, American Christians need to think biblically and act compassionately in order to show God's love and truth to a bruised and confused public.

Fallen but not Forgotten
Deal with the pain and emotional trauma of this terrible event, both for yourself and your children. Examine some of the tough questions everyone is asking about life and about God. Learn how to begin -- or refresh -- a relationship with God.

9/11 Volunteer
An effort coordinated by Campus Crusade for Christ, Intl. in cooperation with NYC churches and ministries to involve volunteers responding to the NYC disaster.

Questions on Everyone's Mind
Rev. Timothy Keller
The pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan--mere blocks from Ground Zero--deals with some tough questions: How can you trust God after this kind of an event? Is this a judgment from God on our country? How do both nation and individual cope with grief? Should America retaliate? How does vengeance not manifest itself in the Christian community?

Comfort Within the Boundaries
Dr. Robert A. Pyne
Is recent terrorism in America God's judgment? Is this the end? What is a Christian citizen to do, think? How does it play out with our view of God? Seminary professor Dr. Robert A. Pyne briefly outlines what we can gather (and what we cannot say) about tragedy from a biblical perspective.

The Lamb Lays Down for Broadway
Roberto Rivera
If we don't take some lessons away from yesterday's events, if we don't learn from our mistakes and gain some perspective, then we can add pointlessness to the injuries inflicted by the terrorists yesterday.
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Good Wars
Darrell Cole
"Fighting, killing, making war. Human beings have been doing it almost from the very beginning and show no signs of an inclination to cease and desist. Many claim that the Christian tradition is ambivalent when it comes to prosecuting wars, even in a just causečand this, so it is alleged, because the founder of Christianity rejected all use of force."

The Christian's Response to Today's Problems
Dr. John Stoll
"A Christian may ask, what is God's purpose in today's world, given the monumental problems we face, and why doesn't God do something about it? Why is God seemingly silent in the kingdom of mankind, and when will He bring it all into judgment? Fortunately the Bible has very specific answers to these questions. It remains for us to search them out."

Kerby Anderson
Looks at terrorism and provides biblical justification for dealing with terrorists based on Romans 13. Also addresses Constitutional issues.

In Response to Terror
James Turner Johnson
Johnson outlines a possible political response to the threat of terrorism that draws on the tradition of just war theory.

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