Endorsements & Testimonials for LeaderU

I am deeply grateful to LeaderU for establishing  my Virtual Faculty Office at their site. Every month tens of thousands of people, many from countries closed to the gospel, visit my office to read articles and debate transcripts defending the truth of the Christian worldview. Others consult my speaking schedule or purchase a book or recording online. Through such a multi-faceted site, provided without charge, LeaderU has helped to give a global impact to my ministry.

Dr. William Lane Craig,world-renowned author, debater,
professor of philosophy

LeaderU is vast and very helpful. I've bookmarked a number of its these resources, just because I refer inquirers to them so oftenfor example the superb lectures at the Virtual Faculty Office of Dr. Robert C. Koons, and the fine article on contemporary scholarship and the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ by Dr. William Lane Craig.

J. Budziszewski , Professor, Departments of Government and Philosophy, The University of Texas at Austin, author of  What We Can't Not Know: A Guide

The web site produced by Christian Leadership Ministries is easily one of the best in the world. The collection of articles and resources relating Christian thought to every important academic discipline is second to none. Any non-Christian who does not believe Christianity is intellectually viable simply needs to be pointed to "www.leaderu.com." I travel and speak to audiences all over the world and when I am asked about resources for learning more deeply about the gospel and the Christian worldview, I don't hesitate to steer them toward this enormous but well organized Web site. Having a resource like this available around the globe, twenty-four hours a day, has been a huge support for the presentation and defense of the gospel in the last decade.

Craig J. Hazen, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of Comparative, Religion and Christian Apologetics, Editor of the philosophy journal, 
Philosophia Christi , Biola University

I have found LeaderU to be a very valuable resource in two ways. First, it has provided me a very public, high traffic place to post details about my spiritual journey and articles that I have written about faith and science. Second, it has been my most reliable resource for apologetic information on a wide variety of topics. I have been personally blessed and my personal ministry has been greatly amplified by CLM’s Web ministry. Thanks for a job well done.

Walter L. Bradley, Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Baylor University

Partnering with CLM was like strapping on booster rockets—not only in terms of our Internet ministry, but in terms of our entire ministry. It was a joy to work with people who have a passionate heart for helping people think biblically, along with a passion for technical excellence. Because of their help and insight, we are now at the place that LeaderU was when we came on board as a ministry partner, in terms of the numbers of people visiting our site and finding access to a reasoned, biblical analysis of a variety of issues.

Sue Bohlin, Webmaster and writer, Probe Ministries, Telling the Truth partners whose contributions are among the most popular on LeaderU

High school girls Bible study leader finds ready answers for postmodern relativism:

I lead a high school girls' Bible study.... Only 2 of the girls are believers. They do not believe in absolutes, they think you can pick & choose portions of scripture you wish to believe and those you don't, that nobody can say if there is a God or not, etc. Their questions form our topics of study. We began by studying worldview and are now talking about truth. I have to build my own curriculum & can't seem to find much. Have you got anything I can use?

"Cheryl," who was linked to helpful, authoritative resources at LeadershipU, Probe.org and more

Mother gains hope for her family, caught in trap of a cult:

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this website along with the related links. I am searching for the truth about Christ as well as finding my way out of Mormonism. I am a sealedinthetemple Mormon with four children whose lives depend on my finding a way to free them from this awful mess. This church has helped to tear my family apart not bring it together. All the callings, the constant priesthood visits that kept my husband away. I hope to free him as well. He won't admit it, but sites like this help me to make him think. Peoples very lives depend on work such as yours.

LeaderU editor sent her to the Virtual Faculty Office of Texas A&M professor Michael Davis, (himself a former Mormon) containing loads of materials on Mormonism, as well as our World Religions Index (wri.leaderu.com)

American visitor forwards link to Australian friend to aid in his witness to Muslim friend:

Thanks for that link Byronyou might say you are part of an answer to prayer. Jeff [the Muslim employee Ive been seeking to witness to for 16 years] has started asking some very interesting questions lately and I have had to do some instant research. These Links will supplement some of the literature I have here [in Australia].

Australian man, one of countless people around the world who have benefitted from LeaderU and sister–site links sent to them. Please pray for his witness to Jeff

Lay apologist in spiritually hard Europe finds LeadershipU helpful in making a case for faith:

I dropped in several times over the last few years. Leaderu.com has much information, helping me increasing [sic] my understanding and ability to argue for God.

Christian, who apparently splits his time between Austria and Germany

TTT sites offer resources not available a generation ago:

…It is true joy to have resources like your web site. Thirty–plus years ago, while I was an undergraduate at George Washington University, it was a very lonely experience to ask and try to answer the same question.

Older student recently writing a paper on "My Research Philosophy." He named several professors at LeaderU whom he'd cited.
LeaderU became a part of his research philosophy.