Be Best Friends
"Love without friendship equals infatuation. People seem to have two sets of rules for relationships: one for friendship, the other for romance. We long for romance, so we try to rush past friendship and hurl ourselves into romance. Then we wonder why the romance doesn't last. Eighteen years ago I discovered that there's only one set of rules--the rules of friendship. I met a woman and said to her, 'I just want to be good friends,' and now we are married and have three kids. I fell in love with my best friend. It's the only way to go."

Tim Downs, speaker and author

Advice on the Fly
A well-known marriage counselor was late for the airport, but his client frantically asked him as he was stepping into a taxi, "How can I know if this is the woman I should marry?" The counselor said through the open window, "Ask yourself three questions: Do I want to eat breakfast with her for the rest of my life? Will she be a help or hindrance in reaching my life goals? Would I pleased if our children turned out just like her?"

Some General Advice for Relationships:

Moving Toward Love? Consider the following.

"Is our relationship more than romance?"

"Am I willing to consistently put this person's needs above my own?" "Are we steadily moving toward mature love? "Could I love this person for the rest of my life?"