Bottom Line Basics

We are a nation, perhaps like all nations, that has an intense concern with the state of its economy. The recent public indifference to the President's Senate trial demonstrates that fact. If jobs were hard to come by, recession was in our midst, and/or inflation was high, the public might be more concerned with what a high crime and misdemeanor actually involved. Indeed, they might define the term for the occasion. Without question, people generally vote and poll according to what they believe is in their best economic interest. And with the many additional expenses in contemporary life (insurance, college tuition, retirement savings and the like), perhaps we should not be surprised that economic well-being should be rated so highly on our list of concerns. But where does concern stop and greed begin? Or is there such a thing as greed at all?

The Bible, though often misquoted in this regard, tells us that love of money is at the root of all evil. Even ancient pagans and modern materialist philosophers warn of the dangers inherent to the passions associated with unlimited acquisition. Indeed, it would seem the the right attitude toward wealth is not easily attained. And it is money -- the reward for professional work -- that is the measure of that wealth. However, work should involve more than a monetary award. It is more than a corporate career or an entrepreneurial endeavor. It may encompass these, but it should also involve a vocation. It is by knowing and practicing our vocation that we ethically pursue our work and have the right attitude toward money.

—Leadership University Editor/Webmaster, Byron Barlowe


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