Special Focus:
Green or Mean?

Earth Day is neither an official holiday nor is it heralded with the fanfare that surrounds so many traditional, particularly religious, celebrations. If not for the media promotion of it, Earth Day might be recognized by very few loyalists. It inspires news-copy and staged events, not family traditions.

Earth Day is sponsored by the Environmentalist movement. Environmentalism is portrayed by the major media as a segment which seeks to prevent pollution, promote recycling and protect endangered species. Critics of this movement, however, accuse it of having radical ideological roots that find manifestation in extremist policies. Let us consider whether or not this is true. If so, should we not still seek to conserve resources and promote the responsible use of private property? On what basis should such stewardship rest?

Feature Article:

Christian Environmentalism
Dr. Ray Bohlin
What duty do Christians have toward the environment? What concerns or common interests do they have with current environmental movements? The author gives a biblical basis for environmental stewardship.

More Articles:

The Great Fear
Kenneth R. Weinstein
This is a book review of The Green Crusade: Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism by Charles T. Rubin.

Christ and Creation's Longing
Richard John Neuhaus
Fr. Neuhaus wrote a book about the ecology movement that was published in the early 1970's. At the time, critics of the book said that he simply made too much of a harmless movement that was rooted in common sense. What reflections does the author have about this issue more than a quarter of a century later?

A Federalist's Approach to Protecting the Environment
Fife Symington
A governor reflects on the proper understanding of environmental protection that is consistent with limited and constitutional government.

Related Articles:

World Population
Rich Milne
It was once fashionable to speak of a "population explosion." The popularity of this phrase has receded. The reasoning behind it, however, is still used in powerful circles. The author examines the the claims that underlie the population movement.

The Religion of the Blind Watchmaker
Phillip Johnson
The author considers the theory of evolution by examining the "blind watchmaker thesis." Is life on earth really just an accident?

The New Age Movement
Dr. Bob Pyne
The New Age Movement seeks to subordinate the needs of humanity to those of the earth as a whole, claims the author. He explicates the underlying principles of this growing movement.

Human Nature
Don Closson
How are humans different from non-humans? What makes them distinct? The author considers these questions as he examines conflicting ideas about human nature.

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