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Are schools improving? Is education reform effective? How do you make sense of all the changes in education, both new and proposed? We have put together a special focus on this issue.

Feature Articles:

Education Reform
Don Closson
Educational reform, which seems to be never ending, often places Christians in a difficult position. Frequently it's hard to know which reforms are hostile to Christian truth, which are merely poorly conceived ideas, and which are actually worthwhile changes in the way we educate children?

Reforming Education: A Whole New World
Chester E. Finn, Jr.
Outside the establishment's citadels, an important breakthrough can be seen: widening awareness that the American educational system as we know it not only needs radical improvement but also needs its ground rules rewritten, its assumptions replaced, its structures overturned, and its power relationships transformed.

Educational Opportunity
Don Closson
Recent research has discovered that after the socio-economic well-being of the parents, the next most important variable predicting student success is the way in which a school is organized. Research has also discovered that effective schools have similar traits. Such schools have strong educational leaders who possess a clear vision of what it means to be an educated person and who have the authority to assemble a staff of like-minded teachers.

The Christian University: A Call to Counterrevolution
Gertrude Himmelfarb
It is well to remember, as we contemplate the relation of the university and church, that the Protestant Reformation was started by a professor in a university. Years later Luther insisted that he had never meant to be a reformer.

State Education and the Decline in Morality
Paul A Cleveland
Developing the personal moral character of children is an essential prerequisite for the continuation of civilization. Further, education is an important component of that process since moral behavior requires empathy for others. Regrettably, state schools are wholly unsuited to this task.

The Closing of the American Heart
Don Closson
A few years ago an influential book titled The Closing of the American Mind was written by Dr. Allan Bloom, a professor on the Committee for Social Thought at the University of Chicago. Since then, the book has served as a catalyst for debate on educational problems in our nation.

The Courts: Order in the Classroom
Bruce C. Hafen and Jonathan O. Hafen
Schools, with public support, can develop within our young people the intellectual values and skills the First Amendment was designed to protect. To do so, teachers have to intervene constructively in children's lives, and students must be protected against possible abuses.

Trends of the Revolution: Education and the WorldWide Web
Fred Holtzman, Ed. D.
As we approach the 21st century, tremendous advances in information technology are generating a revolution in modern education. The means, methods, content and delivery systems of modern higher education are being radically transformed.

A Web Approach to Education
Dr. Don Bouldin
Interview with Dr. Don Bouldin--professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville--on the use of the internet in higher education.

Education and New Age Humanism
Russ Wise
Humanism is the dominant view among leading educators in the U.S. They set the trends of modern education, develop the curriculum, dispense federal monies, and advise government officials on educational needs.

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