Terminal Logic

Will history look back on Dr. Kevorkian as a progressive pioneer or a twisted genius? That will largely depend on the way society responds to him now. As a whole, the social response to his previous string of assisted suicides seems to have been one of toleration, if not endorsement. It remains to be seen what society's reaction will be as he now jouneys into the realm of euthanasia. Will this latest move further or hinder the effects of his previous efforts?

Many self-described civil libertarians (on both the right and the left) have embraced the practice of assisted suicide by Dr. Kevorkian. They see it as a necessary evil, if not a positive good, in a world where so many people suffer from irreversibly painful conditions. Surely they would deny that tolerance toward "mercy-killing" involves a slippery slope toward other forms of legalized homicide. But if we accept the premise justifying such acts, could suicide centers for the depressed, regardless of their state of health, be far behind? (People with mental problems have the same rights as those with terminal illnesses.) Americans possess enough good judgment to prevent this matter from getting out of hand, don't they? Remember that many thought the fight for abortion rights would end with the "hard cases." But now we have unlimited abortion-on-demand, at any stage and for any reason. In the not-too-distant future, maybe society will indeed look back on Dr. Kevorkian as a sort of hero. In the meantime, watch your footing on that slope, one slip could be deadly.

Feature Articles:

Mock Medicine, Mock Law
Eric M. Chevlen
The author considers the mercy-killling practices of Dr. Kevorkian. He argues that the doctor's "patients" needed treatment for pain and depression, not assisted suicide.

Kerby Anderson
This article provides a brief historical, legal and biblical analysis of the issues involved in euthanasia.

The Movie "One True Thing" and Euthanasia
Dr. Kenneth Simcic
An overview of the legal and rhetorical issues involved in euthanasia. Some stern warnings are given as another country's experience with this practice is discussed.

More Articles:

The Legal Logic of Euthanasia
Michael M. Uhlmann
The groundwork laid in Roe v. Wade provides the legal foundation for overturning laws against euthanasia.

Killing as Caring
Critical Issues
Although somewhat dated, this article reveals the bleak reality behind physician assisted suicide. This false charity of "compassion" is brought into focus.

Life, Law, and Suicide
First Things
Chronicles of the dangers of assisted suicide. What would be the consequences if it were made legal?

Euthanasia: Issues Tearing Our Nation's Fabric
The Center for Reclaiming America
Although part of a larger work that addresses other social and moral issues, this chapter provides some interesting insight on the issue.

Books in Review: Forced Exit
Michael M. Uhlmann
This article is a review of Forced Exit: The Slippery Slope from Assisted Suicide to Legalized Murder by Wesley J. Smith.

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