The End of Democracy?

First Things

The End of Democracy? The Judicial Usurpation of Politics
A compilation of the articles that ignited the controversy over the power of the Supreme Court. Contributions from Robert Bork, Russell Hittinger, Hadley Arkes, Charles Colson, and Robert George.

The letters to the editor of First Things in response to the "The End of Democracy?" articles.

A Discussion Continued
Scholars and activists respond to "The End of Democracy?" Responses from William J. Bennett, Midge Decter, James C. Dobson, Mary Ann Glendon, and John Leo.

To Reclaim Our Democratic Heritage
The editors of First Things provide this rebuttal to those who believe "The End of Democracy?" went too far.

The Future of the End of Democracy
Government and Philosophy professor J. Budziszewski enters the fray over First Things' 1996 symposium, The End of Democracy? He summarizes critics' positions (with footnoted quotes) and proposes his own thoughts on whether our American polity is broken.

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