Special Focus
Mission: Motherhood

As we reflect on the contributions of mothers, we may recall the gentle touch of motherly love felt in the tenderness of our youth. Are those memories not incomparable? They leave an indelible mark. Even the sophisticated complexity of our time cannot erase them.

As society changes, so have expectations regarding motherhood. Mothers are expected to play more roles than ever before. Nurturing children, running the household, and being a faithful wife are simply not enough. Women are expected to be breadwinners, even in their child-bearing years. The harshness of single parenthood is a reality for a fair portion of these women. It looms eerily on the horizon for many more. Society's altered views on motherhood are perhaps only reflections of contemporary ideas about family life in general.

Feature Article:

The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective
Dorothy Patterson
An educated, young mother discovers the importance of her calling while "trapped" at home with her little children.

More Articles:

Legitimate Mothers
Carol Iannone
This article considers twin issues: illegitimacy and single parenthood. The author offers some sobering reflections on these contemporary realities.

The Man Who Loved Women and Democracy
Mary Ann Glendon
This is a review of Women and the Common Life: Love, Marriage, and Feminism by Christopher Lasch (edited by Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn). The book's main thesis is summarized in detail by the reviewer. It traces the development of feminism and its effects on family life.

Women of Renewal: A Statement
Ecumenical Coalition of Women and Society
This document proposes a solid biblically based position on the place of women. Although it does criticize contemporary feminism, it does so by providing an alternative understanding on the uniqueness of women.

The Family and the Church: How Should Biblical Manhood and Womanhood Work Out in Practice
George W. Knight III
Several biblical principles for family life are described in this essay.

Related Articles:

National Child Care
Kerby Anderson
There are many financial and psychological issues to be considered in the debate over federalized day care for children.

Family Values
Critical Issues
Are children best raised in a two parent household? Current trends are undermining the traditional family structure.

The Family and the Constitution
David Wagner
The autonomy of parents in raising their children is threatened by the political institutions of our day.

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