A Matter of Time

Isn't it nice that calenders divide our time for us? Days, months and years (not to mention seconds and hours) are useful increments within which we order and plan our lives. How we use our time is of the utmost importance. Properly utilized, time allows us to >accept challenges and move toward goals.

How do we spend our time? With whom do we spend it and why? The dusk of an old year and the dawn of a new one should give us pause to reflect on these matters. Once pondered, the manner in which we use our time may reveal a fair amount about ourselves that we rarely choose to think about. We are often too busy spending our days to consider what they have actually purchased for us. Are we not a little more cautious in the expenditure of our money? But should we not be just as careful in the way we use our time, a resource that we cannot replace? With such questions in mind, we offer some resources for your consideration.

Featured Articles

Starting Over
James Nuechterlein
Starting over--the idea appeals to all of us, and not only in our jobs. This explains the otherwise (to me) inexplicable appeal of the New Year's holiday. New year, new possibility. This time I'll get it right.

Time and Busyness
Kerby Anderson
It has, perhaps, always been true that "time is money." But for the current generation, this maxim has a new twist. In the frenetic 90s, time has become even more scarce than money and therefore more valuable.

How Much Time Is Left
John H. Stoll
Regardless of whether a person is a Christian or not, it seems as if the question of how much time is left in the world is on the mind. To the Christian the question is, when will Christ return to take Christians home to heaven?

Disillusionment in the 1990's
Kerby Anderson
The changing social and economic conditions of the 1990s are turning this into the decade of disillusionment. Millions of baby boomers who grew up in a world that fed and nurtured their expectations are facing a world much different than the one in which they were raised.

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