The Passion of The Christ: Who Is This Suffering Jewish Man?

Films on the life of Christ have surfaced regularly, often creating minor ripples in the West, while sometimes fomenting a massive spiritual outbreak in developing nations. Campus Crusade for Christ International (our parent organization) has distributed, in cooperation with more than 1,500 agencies and denominations, *the JESUS film to 236 nations in 848 languages. Similarly, Dayspring International's film on the life of Christ produced in India with Indian actors, has made film evangelism history as well. Last fall, Visual Bible International released a movingly immediate film, The Gospel of John, in theaters across North America to a muted but positive critical response and became a "surprising box office hit" ( Other recreations and dramatizations of the Gospels have made their splash and moved onto shelves.

No celluloid-based account of Christ, however, has created the whirlwind of controversy that Mel Gibson's, The Passion of The Christ has—save perhaps The Last Temptation of Christ, but negative response to that film arose from Christian quarters. Some Jewish (and a handful of liberal Christian) observers have objected to a supposedly anti-semitic tone and message in The Passion of The Christ. This charge surprises many, including actor and director Gibson himself. Much of the conversation, centered on the reaction of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other critics, began far in advance of even preview screenings of the movie. In fact several critics, among them ADL President Abe Foxman, had still not seen the film at this writing, according to widely respected Jewish movie critic Michael Medved. Medved, along with evangelical-friendly Rabbi Daniel Lappin, have called the Jewish community to account for the unwarranted "hysteria" surrounding The Passion of The Christ. They also criticize what they see as the moral illegitimacy of those Jews who decry all things perceived as anti-Jewish but who have remained mute when Christians—Catholics, like Gibson—the kind of victimization by Hollywood that they now claim for themselves (see Crucifying Mel Gibson below). In fact, Gibson has made numerous attempts to include Jewish religious leaders in the process of reviewing and even rewriting the script.

However, this is not to imply that such fear of anti-semitism arises out of a vacuum or has been manufactured by overly sensitive Jewish religionists. In the words of  Larry Poland (see article below), "Over the centuries, no other ethnic group on the planet has been more consistently and viciously persecuted." And renditions of Christ's passion were, at times, used against Jews. Hitler leveraged the world-famous passion play at Oberammergau, Germany to rally popular opinion against the "Christ-killers." As Poland and others point out, an out-of-context reading of the Gospel of John can easily be misconstrued as blaming the entire ethnicity ("the Jews") for Christ's death, when in fact, along with some power-hungry Jewish religious leaders, the Romans were complicit in Jesus' death. More to the point, Christ claimed to lay down His own life only to "take it up again" in that same Gospel of John, and "no one takes it from Me," he added. The Jewish Messiah Himself didn't want the act held against the ones of all ethnicities who, to paraphrase, knew not what they did.

The clash of opinion has accomplished one important coup for the film: normally, it is rare for awareness of yet unreleased movies to top three to four percent. Public awareness of The Passion of The Christ recently surpassed 38 percent. The buzz is hard to miss. In our Special Focus, we seek to touch on:

Regardless of the controversy, deeper questions remain:

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*JESUS, a historically accurate rendering of the entire Gospel of Luke has been viewed by an estimated 5.6 billion people and often results in acknowledgement of Christ as personal Savior and creation of new churches. Up-to-date statistics here:

—Leadership University Editor/Webmaster, Byron Barlowe


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