Harmless Pleasures?

The Internet is famous for its easy access to pornography. We are told that for sheer variety and accessibility to adult material, the Internet is truly a unique medium. Looking back, some other developments in technology and communications over the last 25 years first came into general use for similar purposes. VCR's and 900 numbers come to mind. Clearly, technological advances make pornography more easily available to greater numbers of people. This becomes particularly problematic as children become involved.

And although most believe that children should not have access to sexually explicit images, this genuine concern should not distract us from the larger issue, namely, the inherent dangers of pornography itelf. And yet many people reject the notion that pornographic material is really harmful. They believe that those who argue against its use merely seek to impose their outdated sexual attitudes and norms on others. The implication is that the enlightened among us should realize that lust, the passion that fuels the pornographer's profit margin, is not a vice after all. Rather, they maintain, it is a natural and healthy part of the human sexual instinct. Christianity has always taught otherwise. But is there any proof that the Christian message on this topic contains any validity or relevance for our sexually saturated culture?

—Leadership University Editor/Webmaster, Byron Barlowe

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