Do you remember learning about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving in elementary school? Did you ever color one of those big turkeys? We all have fond memories of Thanksgiving reunions. But as a society we seem to have lost a sense of what Thanksgiving means. Most of us, for example, do not participate in a harvest. Thanksgiving Day itself is sandwiched tightly between an ever-expanding Christmas shopping season and the growing marketing blitz that surrounds Halloween. Also, sporting events also tend to distract us on Thanksgiving.

Perhaps Thanksgiving may be the only holiday we have that is shrinking in appeal. Ironically, with the exception of the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving is the most peculiarly American holiday that we recoginize. The celebration of it fits perfectly into the story of American history. To be thankful to God for the abundance of this great land was a natural duty for our forefathers. The ensuing institutionalization of it made perfect sense. Let us briefly consider some of the background and speeches that have surrounded this most appropriate holiday.

Feature Articles:

Thanksgiving Quiz
Kerby Anderson
This nation was founded by Christians, and Thanksgiving is a time when we can reflect upon this rich, Christian heritage. But many of us are often ignorant of our country's origins. This Thanksgiving quiz tests your knowledge about this nation's biblical foundations.

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789
This historic proclamation was issued by George Washington during his first year as President. It sets aside Thursday, November 26 as "A Day of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer."

Washington's Original Thanksgiving Proclamation
An actual copy of The Massachusetts Centinel, Wednesday, October 14, 1789 containing the proclamation issued by George Washington setting aside Thursday, November 26 as "A Day of Publick Thanksgiving and Prayer."

A Theology of the Grace of God
John H. Stoll
In order for us to properly develop according to God's word, we must begin with the "bottom line" of, who God is and His relationship with us. Therefore, a need to understand a theology of God's grace.

Jerry Solomon
As is true with many terms used among Christians, the word "worship" can become a cliché devoid of significant content if we don't stop to consider its meaning.

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