Saving Private Citizens

A boy stood at the back of the church staring at a large metal plaque. He was reading the many names engraved on it. Noticing him from a distance, the pastor came over to greet the youth. "Who are all of those people?" the boy inquired as he pointed at the plaque. "Those are men from this church who died in the service," the pastor responded with reverence. "Oh," said the boy, "was it at the 8:30 or the 10:00 service?"

Humor aside, war is not a reality for the young people of today. In fact, it is not a reality for most of us. Other countries are the one that experience wars. We may have had a grandfather or uncle that experienced it some time back. But for now, their testimonies serve as subjects for history books documentaries, and war films. A recent war movie, "Saving Private Ryan," brought some of these experiences to life in a dramatic, colorful and even personal way. Praised for its accuracy, it brought about a new awareness to what men of war actually faced. We shall use this film as a medium for reflection on the matters of war, service and leadership.

Feature Articles:

"Saving Private Ryan" and the U.S. Military Ethos
Mackubin Thomas Owens
The harsh realities of war portrayed in "Saving Private Ryan" demonstrate the importance of virtues associated with military heroism.

Saving "Private Ryan" from the Conservatives
Ken Masugi
Many conservatives criticized "Saving Private Ryan." Were their criticisms justified?

Decoding Miller: The Character of Protagonist in "Saving Private Ryan"
Jack L. Walker, Jr.
The relationship between character and leadership has been a major topic of discussion in recent months. This article considers this character/leadership issue by analyzing the protagonist of "Saving Private Ryan," Capt. John Miller.

More Articles:

The Hand of God
Myron Eberle
A World War II veteran recalls a battle that caused him to consider the most important things in life.

Letter to Mrs. Bixby
Abraham Lincoln
President Lincoln's famous letter was twice used in the "Saving Private Ryan."

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