Special Focus:
The Significant Other

March is recognized as Women's History Month. Many popular media outlets commemorate this month by tracing, perhaps even celebrating, key moments in the feminist movement. But is the development of feminism the primary story in the history of women? Indeed, should contemporary feminism even be considered the movement that best defines the needs and interests of today's women? We have put together a special focus on this issue.

Feature Article:

Women of Renewal: A Statement
Ecumenical Coalition of Women and Society
This document proposes a solid biblically based position on the place of women. Although it does criticize contemporary feminism, it does so by providing an alternative understanding on the uniqueness of women.

Other Articles:

Rescuing Feminism from the Feminists
Mary Ann Glendon
Many women say that they identify with many of feminism's goals but do not consider themselves feminists. The author considers this irony as she reviews Feminism Is Not the Story of My Life by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.

The Essence of Femininity: A Personal Perspective
Elisabeth Elliot
There are, the author claims, real differences between men and women that every culture knows about. Feminists, she argues, deny the attributes of femininity.

Researching the "Rape Culture" of America: An Investigation of Feminist Claims about Rape
Christina Hoff Sommers
Sommers represents one side of a vigorous debate among feminists over the future of feminism. Sommers thinks of herself as an old-style, traditional feminist, which she calls "equity feminism." She argues that a new wave of activists, which she labels "gender feminism," has hijacked the cause and are wreaking havoc upon true feminism.

Take Back the Mind
Jean Bethke Elshtain
This article is a book review of The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism on Campus by Katie Roiphe.

The High Calling of Wife and Mother in Biblical Perspective
Dorothy Patterson
The wife/mother role has long been assigned second class status in feminist thinking. The Bible, however, presents a different understanding of a woman's role.

The Politics of Gender
This article is a book review of Why Men Rule: A Theory of Male Dominance, by Steven Goldberg.

The Inevitability of Failure
David J. Ayers
The author looks at feminist ideas on many aspects of life. Following the implications of feminist thought, he concludes that the movement is destructive.

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