Context Bible Verse Search (tm)


The CBVS (tm) gateway does not have to be called through a form. You can embed links to the CBVS (tm) gateway in your HTML documents, and include all the options available in the forms version. This is accomplished with the parameters seen in the sections to follow.


Feel free to access the CBVS (tm) gateway at any time. The Executive Discipleship Council (tm) owns the full rights to this application, and is granting general use permission to those interested in referencing it in their HTML documents. Under no circumstances is this CGI application to be subordinate to another interface.

Calling the Gateway

You can access the CBVS (tm) gateway with the following CGI call:
B B <A HREF="/cbvs-cgi-bin/verse?options"> Verbage </A>


Here are a few examples. Each example is prefixed with: