Date Setting and Y2K

John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Executive Director, ASK, Inc.

ASK Newsletter - First Quarter 1999

The coming Millennium has produced two issues in society today, that need to be addressed. The one is the problem of computer glitches and breakdown of various elements in the world. The other is the idea of setting a date for the return of Jesus Christ for the Christians. Both are bothersome to Christians as well as non-Christians. What is the Biblical response to these problems?

The basic issue is the validity of the Bible, and what it says to us. In the Old Testament there are over 330 prophecies relative to the first coming of Jesus, all of which were fulfilled explicitly when He came. Therefore, when in John 14:1-6 He says He will return for the Christians, it is reasonable to accept the affirmation of what He has promised.

Since some are predicting the return of Jesus Christ either in this year or the next, we do well to be reminded of Mark 13:32, where Jesus stated no one knows when God will send Christ back to earth, only God Himself. Therefore, we should not even contemplate date setting, but be ready for His return at anytime.

In Matthew 24:4-21, Christ pointed out a simple fact of life, that when a pregnant woman begins to have birth pains, she knows delivery is soon. Christ articulated a number of earth's "birth pains" to alert us to His soon return. The things He pointed out are all seen in today's world, with an increasing frequency, intensity, and numbers. And, it seems as if the birth pains of the world are about one minute apart. In Luke 21:28, Christ noted that, "When these things begin to come to pass, then look up for your redemption draws nigh". These things are the Biblical indicators to the Christian, to be ready for His coming at any time.

It is proper for the Christian to look for the imminent return of Jesus Christ, but one cannot say for certain that the coming Millennium, Y2K, or date setting will produce His return. The Christians response should be looking for His coming, but at the same time be busy about our Christian responsibility.