How Does Your Worldview Fit?

John H. Stoll, Ph.D. -

Colossians 1:25-28;2:2,3,6-10

With all the rapidly changing events that are happening in today's world, is you worldview able to assimilate them, without disrupting your life? Unfortunately, the inability of mankind to accept the truthfulness and accuracy of the Bible, has contributed immensely to the rootlessness of life that plagues one today. The principles of the Bible provide a foundation upon which one can erect a worldview that is solid, productive, and life long in fulfillment. The Bible was a revelation of God to us, His creation, to be a guide for life, and a model for a constructive worldview.

Peter Berger gives three dominant factors that consciously or unconsciously shape our worldview. They form an overarching plausibility structure which the Christian must believe in or believe against.

The psychological effects of this have been to create a condition of homelessness in our minds. Thus, the Christian lives on a small island surrounded by a sea of secularism.

Two illustrations to make the point.

The answer for these problems is found in the foundational principles of the Bible. It seems that when the "chips are down", that people become more "religious" (e.g. the war in Iraq, causing political leaders to call for prayer), for the reason that the three dominant factors of Peter Berger don't meet the need. The return to Biblical ideas has been a constant theme throughout the history of our country. This shows the innate desire of people for a spiritual dimension to be filled in the void of the above dominant factors. For the Christian this should be a welcome concept, since the believer has known this all along. A worldview that incorporates Biblical principles into its structure, will then be able to assimilate anything, beneficial or detrimental into the life of that person.