Introduction: The Flight Plan

Copyright © 1998 John D. Beckett, Loving Monday: 15-16.

Here is the flight plan for Loving Monday.

The book has four major parts: "Foundations," "The Big Picture," "Applications" and "The Wrap-Up."

In Part One, "Foundations," I share some personal experiences—unique challenges that proved pivotal, often revealing vitally important truths. Typically these insights have not come in large doses but in small pieces which, over time, have fit together. Their impact has been profound, shaping my view of life and producing a zeal for business.

In Part Two, "The Big Picture," we take a short philosophical journey to look at Western culture through two distinctly different windows. Viewed through the first, we see work and faith largely detached from each other—two separate worlds. But seen through the second window, work is not worlds apart from faith—the two are remarkably integrated and compatible.

In Part Three, "Applications," we look at specific ways foundational truths can be integrated into every aspect of daily life, especially our work. The distinctive quality of these truths is that they are rooted in the Bible, which I have come to see as an amazing resource with great relevance to business. It is time-tested yet contemporary.

Part Four, "The Wrap-Up," ties the key concepts together and describes their implications for us as individuals in business.

As my friend Jeff Coors says in the foreword, this book is not theoretical but thoroughly rooted in the real world. The backdrop for what you will read is my own experience, including nearly four decades in the work world. But while the stories add flavor, this is not a book about me. Nor is it a "how-to" book: "Just apply these four-step principles, stand back and watch what happens!" Rather, it is a book to anchor us more firmly in some basic principles and open up some different ways of thinking. It is a book to help us see the practical value of applying foundational values in our businesses and occupations.

I'm convinced that truth properly applied produces results. You will find new and fresh ways to bring energy and meaning to what you do day in and day out. Your customers will notice, and your fellow employees will see the difference. You may even prompt an added smile on the face of your accountant!

So, fasten your seat belt. Before you know it, the flight attendant will be coming along the aisle, checking tray tables and seat backs. And you'll be closing this book, ready for your next exciting assignment.