Texans for Life Coalition:
Recommended Reading

Titles in bold are stocked by Texans for Life Coalition.

52 Simple Things You Can Do to be Pro-LifeAnne Pierson  
Aborted Women, Silent No MoreDavid C. Reardon  
Aborting Planned ParenthoodRobert H. Ruff$9.00
Aborting AmericaBernard N. Nathanson, M.D.  
Abortion Questions and AnswersDr. & Mrs. J.C. Willke$3.00
Beyond AbortionSuzanne M. Rini$11.00
Catholic Choose Life Teacher's Manual    
The Cost of Abortion Lawrence Roberege  
Daddy, I'm PregnantA dad named Bill$5.00
The First Nine Months of LifeGeraldine Lux Flanagan  
For Every Idle SilenceHenry Hyde$6.00
Grand IllusionsGeorge Grant  
Helping Women Recover from AbortionNancy Michaels$7.00
Jesus the Word to be SpokenMother Teresa  
Loving JesusMother Teresa  
Open Your Mouth for the DumbPeter Barnes  
Pro-Life Rosary MeditationsJoyce Purvis$0.00
Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice ArgumentsRandy Alcorn$7.00
The Right to Live: The Right to DieC. Everett Koop  
Rites of LifeLandrum Shettles, M.D. & David Rorvik  
Ronald Reagan: Abortion and the Conscience of the NationRonald Reagan$5.00
Something Beautiful from GodSusan Schaeffer Macaulay  
TillyFrank E. Peretti$8.00
When Choice Becomes GodF. LaGard Smith$11.00
When Does Life Begin?J. Ankerberg & J. Weldon  
Who Broke the Baby?Jean Staker Garton$5.00
Who Is for Life?Mother Teresa, Francis Schaeffer, & others  
Won By LoveNorma McCorvey & Gary Thomas  

Christian Pro-Life Books Online

Abortion and the Christian: What Every Believer Should Know - by Dr. John Jefferson Davis [1984]

The Illusion of Agony: A Comprehensive Critique of Dr. Robert Wennberg's Book, "Life in the Balance: Exploring the Abortion Controversy" - by Douglas Gwinn [1993]

Issues Tearing Our Nation's Fabric - by the Center For Reclaiming America [1997]

Pro-Life Books Online

Abortion: Questions & Answers - by Dr. & Mrs. Jack Willke [1991]

The Moral Question of Abortion - by Dr. Stephen Schwarz [1990]

Pro-Life Articles Online

Politically Correct Death - by Dr. Francis Beckwith [1993] (Portions only)

On the Value and Inviolability of Human Life - Evangelium Vitae - by Pope John Paul II