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  • Introduction

    Unity is the truth that is taught in all religions, simplified and systematized so that anyone can understand and apply it (Freeman, The Story of Unity, p. 61).

    Unity began with the "healing" of Myrtle Fillmore. Its firstfruits were the healing of her friends and neighbors, accomplished by the realization of the Christ Power within (SU, p. 14).

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    God is not a person having life, intelligence, love, power. God is that invisible, intangible, but very real, something we call life. God is the total...of all good, whether manifested or unexpressed (Cady, Lessons in Truth, p. 6).

    I believe the Hottentot, or the truest heathen that ever lived, he who worships the golden calf as his highest conception of God, worships God (LT, p. 126, cited in Martin, p. 279).

    God is the always present, indwelling Mind. The Father within in the spiritual realms which underlie all creative forces (Fillmore, The Science of Being and Christian Healing, p. 9).

    God is. Man is. We are now in the presence of that eternal Is-ness--Osiris and Isis are now our Father-Mother as fully as they were of old Egypt (SB, p. 229).

    God is Principle, Law, Being, Mind, Spirit, All Good, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Unchangeable, Creator, Father, Cause and Source of all that is (SB, p. 15).

    God is the substance, or real thing standing under every visible form of life, love, intelligence, or power. Each rock, tree, animal, everything visible is a manifestation of the numberless manifestations, or individualities. Each...contains the whole (LT, pp. 8-9, cited in Martin, p. 281).

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    Jesus Christ

    The Krishna of the Hindu is the same as the Christos of the Greeks and the Messiah of the Hebrews (SB, p. 22).

    There were in the person of Jesus two distinct regions--the fleshly, mortal part which was Jesus, the son of man; then there was the central, living, real part which was Spirit, the Son of God, the Christ, the Anointed. So...each one of us has two regions of being--the fleshly, mortal...and at the very center of our being there is the...Christ Child, the Son of God, the Anointed in us (Fillmore, The Unity Treasure Chest, p. 49).

    This Christ or perfect-man idea existing eternally in divine mind is the true spiritual, higher-self of every individual (Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, p. 150).

    This same Christ lives within us that iived in Jesus. It is the part of Himsdf which God has put within us, which ever lives there...Christ, within us is the "beloved Son," the same as it was in Jesus (UTC, p. 51).

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    Holy Spirit

    Definition: The very spirit of truth Iying latent within us each and every one (Unity Magazine, February 1918).

    The Father is Principle, the Son is that Principle revealed in the creative plan, the Holy Spirit is the executive power of both the Father and Son, carrying out the plan (MBD, p. 629).

    Spirit is substance...that invisible, intangible but real something which as its indestructible core and cause stands under or at the center of every visible thing in existence (Cady, God a Present Help, pp. 5354).

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    Man is made in the image of God...the divine spark at the center of his being . . . is very part of God Himself (GP, p. 57).

    God is within you. You can find Him there (UTC, p. 29).

    Every man in reality, is the Son of God, not a Son of God. We are all one in the One Mind, and do not exist as individualities in Divine Mind. Man is the manifestation of the "only begotten Son" of God, or the Christ idea Man. Therefore he is the Christ of God (UM, February 1918, p. 127).

    God is good and God is all. Therefore I refuse to believe in the reality of devil or evil in any of its forms.... God is life...I refuse to believe in the reality of loss of life, or death....I refuse to believe in inefficiency and ignorance, the reality of lack or poverty...hate or revenge (SA, pp. 58-59).

    In its virgin purity, [the flesh] is the immaculate substance of Being. If it appears corrupt, or subject to corruption, humanity has made it so through ignorance (SB, p. 208).

    The forgiveness of sin is an erasure of mortal thoughts from consciousness (SB, p. 56).

    Sin, sickness, poverty, old age, and death are not real, and they have no power over me. There is nothing in all the universe for me to fear (LT, p. 35).

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    Redemption and Salvation

    Jesus of Nazareth played an important part in opening the way for every one of us into the Father's kingdom. However, that was not through His death on the cross, but through His overcoming death (UTC, p. 67).

    That which died upon the cross was the consciousness of all mortal beliefs that hold us in bondage--such as sin, evil, sickness, fleshly lusts, and death--which He overcame (UTC, pp. 68-69).

    The error lies in the belief that He was the only begotten Son of God, and that He overcame for us, and that by simply believing on Him we are saved (UTC, pp. 68-69).

    Paul is responsible for...this throwing of the whole burden upon the blood of Jesus--that He was the great once-for-all bloody sacrifice, and that no other would ever be necessary. Jesus said..."Follow me." He meant; do as I do. I have overcome, now by following in my footsteps you shall overcome (UTC, p. 69).

    Being born again or from above is...the establishment of that which had always existed as the perfect man idea of Divine Mind (SB, p. 25)

    To "know thyself" is to know that you are I AM and not flesh and blood. It is this I AM that is born of the flesh and born of Spirit (SB, p. 206).

    The eternal life taught and demonstrated by Jesus is not gained by dying, but by purifying the body until it becomes the undying habitation of the soul (UM, July 1922).

    We believe the repeated incarnations of man to be a merciful provision of our loving Father to the end that all may have opportunity to obtain immortality through regeneration as did Jesus (Unity Statement of Faith, art. 22). 

    Taken from: The Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Error 2. Compiled by Steven Cory. Copyright 1986, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Moody Press. Used by permission.

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