Terror in America

For once, it was the world's turn to look on as Americans suffered the horrible tragedy of a terrorist attack. When extremists hijacked occupied civilian airliners and turned them into huge bombs, they struck at our nation's heart, the very symbols of American military and economic power.

As we mourn the losses of so many--and the loss of our sense of security--deep questions nag us: Where is God? How could He allow this, if He truly exists? Is there meaning in evil and suffering? Where is the hope? Is this all there is, or is there promise for beyond the grave? For Christians, what is a Biblical response to terrorism? There is a power that transcends wealth and military strength in any tragedy. We see the image of God in the deeds of those who served and even died for others. But is that all we can hope for?

LeadershipU has collected a variety of resources to help bring perspective to the history-altering events of September 11, 2001. See the pages below for links that you can read, print and distribute and forward to others as we all come to grips with tragedy.

—Byron Barlowe, Editor/Webmaster, Leadership University

Courage at 36,000 Feet
Beth J. Lueders
Interview with Lisa Beamer, widow of a hijacked 9/11 hero. "Todd Beamer's now immortal words echo across the world: 'Are you ready? Let's roll.' Calmly, the 32-year-old software salesman ended his September 11 phone call to a GTE Airfone operator from United Flight 93."

How Could God Allow This?

Where is the Hope?

Dealing with Fear

Love Not Hate

A Permanent Solution

A Christian Viewpoint on Terrorism and the 9-ll Tragedy

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