The Future

John H. Stoll
As the world approaches the end of the century and millennium, it appears that unrest and confusion increases, rather than a challenging and fulfilling future. Why should that be, when at the beginning of this century people awaited the twentieth-century with optimistic anticipation, that it would bring peace and prosperity through the industrial age? What caused the change?
Date Setting and Y2K
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Explores the Y2K issue and the current church issue of setting a date for Christ's return.
How Much Time Is Left?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Regardless of whether a person is a Christian or not, it seems as if the question of how much time is left in the world is on the mind. To the Christian the question is, when will Christ return to take Christians home to heaven? To the person of the world, there is the question of the world blowing up, and the annihilation of mankind. Which view is right, and what does the future portend?
Is There Really a Hell?
Rick Rood
The biblical teaching on hell is discussed, as well as the practical effects of this belief for Christians.
Israel's History Written in Advance
Rich Milne
In the Old Testament, God made many predictions about nations and cities and their fate. With remarkable accuracy, archeology shows that in every case, what God predicted would happen even hundreds of years later, came to pass. That the Jews still exist is an amazing testimony to God's faithfulness even as He judged the nations around them.
Millennial Cautions
Don Closson
As the frenzy and hype concerning the Year 2000 increase, it's good to remember how previous generations treated upcoming millennial markers and end-time prophecies. Topics covered are : The Desire to Know the Future; Christ's Return and the Church; The First Millennium; Recent Predictions; and The U.S. in Prophecy.
Rushing Toward The Millenium
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Because, "time marches on" we shall soon enter a new millenium. There is both anticipation as well as apprehension concerning what it will bring. How should Christians look at the coming year, the next Millenium, and the future in general?
The Truth About Heaven
Rick Rood
The teaching of the Bible about heaven is analyzed, as well as the practical effects of the Christian belief in heaven.
The U.S. Titanic
John Gay
The Titanic may have sunk deep into the Atlantic nearly a century ago, but it is hardly sinking today. Box-office revenue for the megahit movie Titanic has exceeded the previously #1 Star Wars and is refusing to slow down. When this ship will finally land, no one knows for sure. In the meantime, a sea of movie-goers continues to keep Titanic afloat, drawn to its nostalgia, love story, and special effects. But is there something beyond the perfect set design, the dazzling effects, and the box office receipts? Is there more to Titanic than meets the eye?
Where Are We Headed?
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
With all the concern in the media, as well as among people, as to the problems we face in our world today, when it seems as if all we hear is bad news, what does one think as to the future? On any given evening the news on TV tells of a majority of negative things going on in the world. Commentators go to great lengths to assess why we are in such a mess. No one seems to know. Is there an answer, what is it, and where do we find it?
Who is 'Israel' and What is Her Future?
Jonathan Went
The author discusses the issue of what, biblically, is meant by the term 'Israel,' and what God has planned for the future of the Jewish nation.
Worldly Upheaval
John H. Stoll, Ph.D.
Major catastrophes, insurmountable political problems, unusual natural disturbances, coupled with personal problems in families, the market place, shootings, etc. have produced an unheard of consternation in people's lives such as never before. Why, in the past few years have all of these things come upon society, when for many years we have lived fairly peaceable lives, in a moral and ethical society, in general?