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Six Months After 9/11
Where was God? Trite phrases and religious slogans will not do at such a time.

 - Divorce & Marriage
Divorce is such an integral part of our collective life that we can now point and click on the Internet to get one. Multiple marriages carry no stigma while some heartily recommend the lifestyle. So what's the big deal? See our Special Focus.

 - Our Universe: Fine-Tuned for Life?
Science, long the de facto domain of atheistic naturalism, has recently discovered just how finely tuned the universe must be to accommodate us and the rest of the carbon-based life on our planet. Many believe the best explanation is a Creator. We examine the arguments in our Special Focus.

Featured Site
 - Another Way
Is homosexuality genetic? Are there such people as ex-gays? Another Way Out is a website dealing with these issues, and includes many personal stories from those who have come out of homosexuality.

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