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    LeaderU's 10th: A Decade of Growth & Impact
    1995: The Web was new. Hopes were high for the "information superhighway." LeaderU, its sister sites and Web partners launched what has become a successful suite of sites you are now enjoying. What's the rest of the story? If you want to know the story and scope of the Web site you're looking at, click the link above. (6/21/05)
    Moving Pictures, Moving Our Hearts

    Since its release just a few months ago, Titanic has enthralled the movie-watching public. In return, they have already made it the greatest box-office hit of all time. It even tied the previous Academy Award record holder by winning eleven Oscars. Why does a movie like this engulf viewers so completely? Please see our special focus for insight into both this particular cinematic success and our movie-obsessed society in general. (4/5/98)
    Popcorn Pictures
    Seen any good movies lately? Have there been any good movies lately? Good or bad, the Oscars are to be awarded soon. And hoopla aside, Academy Award season presents us with the opportunity to consider the place of movies in our culture. See our special focus on movies. (3/15/99)
    Stay Tuned?
    This month we celebrate a week with no tube (TV Turnoff Week, April 22-28). Many cannot fathom a week without their favorite TV programs. Can we bear to go without them for that long? Should we? (4/12/99)
    Poets & Prophets
    Do the religious belong in mainstream literature and the arts? To look around in recent years--espcially in evangelical circles--you'd think not. That may be changing. See our special focus. (8/30/99)
    Music of the Spheres--And of Here
    Has the Church lost its understanding of the depth and power of music in all its many expressions? Can Christians discern and produce good music without holing up in a Christian music ghetto? See our special focus. (7/11/01)
    Lord of the Rings: True Mythology
    December 19 marks the long-awaited release of the first movie in J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved trilogy. Is this, the most popular in the UK of all works in England's great literary legacy, based in pagan myth or Christian themes--or both? Dig into the story behind the stories and their master storyteller in our Special Focus. (11/21/01)
    Lord of the Rings: True Mythology (II)
    Response to the release of the second blockbuster movie rendition of Tolkien's beloved trilogy, The Two Towers, has been fantastic.
    Is this, the most popular in the UK of all works in England's great literary legacy, based in pagan myth or Christian themes--or both? Dig into the story behind the stories and their master storyteller in our Special Focus. Includes three additional articles since our first feature on Fellowship of the Rings. (1/26/03)
    Loaded Matrix: Great Filmmaking and Lofty Ideas
    The Matrix Reloaded, second film of a trilogy, just released to 24-hour showings in the U.S. Anticipated more than summer itself by generations entranced by The Matrix, the films spring from their own matrix of philosophies. What are those philosophies?
    Matrix Trilogy: A "Womb" with Many Worldviews
    Updated and expanded version of Loaded Matrix: Great Filmmaking and Lofty Ideas with new introduction. Matrix Revolutions, final film of a trilogy, releases this month to simultaneous global showings. Creating a subculture and billion dollar franchise, the films spring from their own matrix of philosophies. What are they? (11/03)
    The Da Vinci Code: Of Magdalene, Gnosticism, the Goddess and the Grail
    Mystery novel sensation The Da Vinci Code combines conspiracy, art, history, religion and murder. Has the Church conspired to hide Mary Magdalene's true relationship to the man Jesus, as the book portrays? Was he indeed just a man? Who can be trusted? See more... (1/6/04)
    The Passion of The Christ: Who is This Suffering Jewish Man?
    Before its release this month, Mel Gibson's film The Passion of The Christ is making waves. Charges of anti-semitism raise concerns for some. Are they justified? Why is Christ's death important for me, anyway? See more... (2/2/04)
    Star Wars Episode III: Jedi Spirituality
    Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith opens this month. What lies beneath this 30-year fantasy film franchise? What religious and philosophical influences are at its core? See more... (5/12/05)
    The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & the Genius of C.S. Lewis
    Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe already has the makings of a classic. The sheer genius of author C.S. Lewis will play on screens across the world. Discover the faith, mind and astonishing staying power of the storyteller as you unpack the story. (11/14/05)
    Vampires to Life of Christ: Anne Rice's Christ the Lord & the Incarnation of Jesus
    Anne Rice has gone from writing vampire novels to authoring Jesus' unauthorized biography in Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. Does her reclaimed faith result in orthodox historical fiction? What questions does it raise on the incarnation, the human and divine natures of Christ? (12/27/05)

    Bottom Line Basics
    Is your job secure? Are you paid well? How is your portfolio? Most of us have many economic concerns. Is there there an ethical way to pursue these concerns? Please see our special focus on ethics in business. (2/17/99)
    Stocking Up
    Recently, the Dow has been hovering around the 10,000 mark for the first time ever. Unemployment and interest rates remain low. Prosperity is apparent in several numerical indicators. Do we need to know anything else? What concerns should we have amidst prosperous times? Please see our special focus. (3/25/99)
    A Christian View of Capitalism
    Capitalism polarizes people perhaps the most of any economic system. Is it the best alternative? Does it agree with Christian principles? What is a Christian view of economics and is it superior? See our Special Focus... (8/29/01)
    A Christian View of Capitalism (updated)
    Capitalism polarizes people perhaps more than any economic system. Is it the best alternative? What is a Christian view of economics and is this view valid? See our Special Focus... (3/2/04)

    Church and State

    Election and the Elect
    It is election time again. Although few eligible voters actually cast their ballots each election year, especially when there is no presidential race, it is a good time to think through one's priorities as a Christian citizen. (10/26/98)
    Separated at Birth? American Church-State Separation Revisited
    People of faith have been in a losing battle on the separation of church and state issue for decades. Yet, Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, maintains that "we're just one or two votes away on the Supreme Court from a radical redefinition of what church-state separation means." See our Special Focus. (4/24/00)
    Politics and Religion
    "Jewish Court Excommunicates [Vice Presidential candidate Joe] Lieberman" trumpets an October 23 headline. Politics and religion. As we near election day 2000, it's a good time to examine their place together, our role as religious citizens and the modern election process. (10/29/00)
    Secularization of Church & State

    Daily, it seems, American courts bear the fruit of the separation of church and state doctrine that is now sacrosanct in the public psyche. From the Ten Commandments in public places to the Pledge of Allegiance, we see a constant purging of faith expressions in the public square. But is the idea Constitutional? (9/18/03)
    White House Worldview:
    Beneath the Presidential Campaign Positions

    The Bush-Kerry campaign and surrounding hubbub may set new lows for presidential politics in the U.S. Now, bloggers, Web sites and talk radio shows add to the buzz on issues like the Iraq War, terrorism, abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage, separation of church and state, judicial activism and religion and politics. How can voters cut through it to the worldview of the candidates? (9/25/04)

    The network-television coming out of Ellen DeGeneres has caused the issue of homosexuality to become even more examined in our country. The often-unpublicized perspective on this emotional issue is the focus of this special focus. (5/7/97)
    The Significant Other
    March is recognized as Women's History Month. Many popular media outlets commemorate this month by tracing, perhaps even celebrating, key moments in the feminist movement. But is the development of feminism the primary story in the history of women? Indeed, should contemporary feminism even be considered the movement that best defines the needs and interests of today's women? We have put together a special focus on this issue. (3/24/98)
    Revolution and Revelations
    It's been three decades since the Sexual Revolution was launched. Has it produced a sexually enlightened America? Although tragic celebrity sex scandals regularly grab our attention, we seldom consider the possible effects of our own sexual practices. Did not the liberation of attitudes toward premarital sex, pornography and homosexuality promise to give us a better understanding of ourselves as sexual beings? The staggering rates of divorce, abortion, STD's and illegitimacy might suggest we take a second look at our new paradise. We have put together a special focus on this topic. (4/28/98)
    "I Have a Dream"
    In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the upcoming Black History Month, we have put together a Special Focus on Dr. King, his message and his beliefs. (1/8/99)
    Schoolgrounds, Battlegrounds
    Another schoolhouse shooting spree rocks America. More kids struck down in the prime of life, in a place that should be safe for all. Our immediate responses are, "Why?" and "What can we do?" We offer some answers in our special focus. (4/23/99)
    Cultural Conundrum: Multiculturalism's Far-Reaching Effects
    Many now see society as a patchwork of cultures vying for power. Does truth only depend on your group's point of view, or are there transcendent realities? How might multiculturalism affect us all? See our special focus. (10/18/99)
    Gay Marriage: For Better or For Worse?
    Recent contradictory court rulings revealed the polarization surrounding the same-sex marriage issue. Are homosexuals' claims of discrimination legitimate? What might be the fallout of gay marriage? Check out our special focus. (1/10/00)
    The Color of Christianity: Faith and the Civil Rights Movement
    Christianity has been called a "white man's religion," especially by some African-Americans. Is it? We explore the role of faith for some of America's civil rights heroes in honor of Black History Month in our special focus. (1/31/00)
    Faith-Based Research: Implications and Practical Outcomes of Christian Thinking
    "Faith-based" is a term that evokes thoughts of public policy issues, like faith-based social initiatives (e.g., Prison Fellowship, Habitat for Humanity). Often, such programs stem from scholarly research. We discuss faith-based research and its outworkings in our Special Focus. (11/20/00)
    Can Gays Go Straight?
    Findings of a new study ricocheted through the press in early May. "...Some people can and do change [sexual orientation]," said former skeptic Dr. Robert Spitzer. True or not? Is it even possible? See our Special Focus for the other side of the debate. (5/23/01)
    Tolerant Xmas
    Tolerance is the new watchword during "the Holidays." Is stripping Christ from Christmas and backing away from tradition truly tolerance? What is tolerance, anyway, and down what road is the current definition leading society? Our Special Focus offers a response. (12/14/01)
    "Homophobia": Labels and the Need for Open Debate
    The U.S. Supreme Court will decide on Texas' anti-sodomy law this month - a potential "Roe v. Wade"-status victory for homosexual activists. What are the dynamics of the national debate that have laid the groundwork for sweeping societal change? Who defines the terms? Why the relative silence of the opposing majority? (3/7/03)
    Potter-mania and Wicca: Harmless Hobbies or Avenue to the Occult?
    Like Harry Potter's Phoenix, the Wicca faith has risen from relative obscurity to mainstream cult status, especially among teens. What is a Christian view of the cultural-spiritual milieu and the neopaganism it now embraces? (6/25/03)


    Education in America
    Are schools improving? Is education reform effective? How do you make sense of all the changes in education, both new and proposed? Leadership University put together a special focus on this issue. (8/15/97)
    Class Warfare
    School shootings punctuated the end of the previous academic year. Now the academic calender begins anew. Should school-ground violence be our primary concern as our nation's children return to class? (8/6/98)
    Education of Choice
    Everybody's in to individual choice these days, for everything from medical providers to shampoo brands to abortion rights. Education is no exception. What are the issues surrounding school choice? What advantages do various options hold? See our special focus for more... (8/9/99)
    God and the Academy
    It started with Buckley's God and Man at Yale in the 50s. Today, the chorus of objection to God's "dismissal" from the academy is growing. Is there hope for redeeming higher learning? See our special focus... (11/8/99)
    God and the Academy Conference
    (includes feature articles and sites)

    Many people are surprised to hear that thousands of university professors are committed Christians. If you are a Christian professor, or if you are in graduate school preparing to be a professor, please come to this unique academic and professional development conference. If you know others who are Christian professors, please alert them to this special focus. (3/9/00)
    Choosing a College and a Life
    Many high schoolers (and parents) are currently grappling with decisions on where to attend college. Christian or secular? Which type of institution offers the best education? How does it fit me? How do I survive the college experience without caving in to every new influence? We offer principled, practical help in our Special Focus. (9/18/00)
    Faith & Academics
    Professors are the "insiders" in the university, seedbed of almost every movement and philosophy in our society. They shape the minds of future leaders and teachers and provide expert analysis of the news. Yet, the university has been thoroughly secularized. Is there a place for the faith of Christian professors in the university? How does it fit in? See our Special Focus. (6/5/02)

    Evolving Education: "Teach the Controversy"
    Why did this statement by scores of credentialed scientists cause such an uproar in Cobb County, Georgia recently?: "I am skeptical of the ability random mutation and natural selection to account for complexity life. Careful examination evidence Darwinian theory should be encouraged." See our Special Focus find out get a different perspective from mainstream media. (Fall '02)
    Academic Freedom for Professors & Students:
    Free Speech, Political Correctness, Viewpoint Discrimination and Faculty Autonomy

    Free speech, political correctness, and faculty autonomy compete vigorously on American university campuses. Charges of viewpoint discrimination by faculty and administrations multiply. How can balance be achieved—and by whom? (4/16/05)

    Sports and Character
    The initiation of football season carries with it many emotions, particularly excitement. However, recent scandals have dimmed the enthusiasm for this and other sports. The underlying issue of character fuels debate about the place of morality in the lives of highly competitive sportsmen. We have put together this special focus to consider character with regard to sports in particular, as well as life in general. (9/3/97)
    Green or Mean?
    Earth Day is sponsored by the Environmentalist movement. Environmentalism is portrayed by the major media as a segment which seeks to prevent pollution, promote recycling and protect endangered species. Critics of this movement, however, accuse it of having radical ideological roots that find manifestation in extremist policies. Let us consider whether or not this is true. (4/20/98)
    Character: Who Cares?
    Charges of sexual impropriety have once more been leveled at the President. Questions about his character are raised anew. Recent polls and "man-on-the-street" interviews indicate the general public shows little concern over Mr. Clinton's personal ethics, at least so long as they like his job performance. Considering the emphasis we place on the adherence to right policies, is it important that our publicly elected officials have good moral character? Or, generally speaking, does character really matter at all? We have put together a special focus on this issue. (7/29/98)
    Telling the Truth
    Is it important to tell the truth? Traditionally we have been taught that honesty is very important, a democratic virtue. Our American lore, such as George Washington's cherry tree or Honest Abe's penny, stress the importance of honesty. But can there be honesty without truth? The intellectuals of our time teach that there is no common truth--to each his own. Many truths, however, really mean there is no real truth. Can any social organization, including society itself, properly operate without some agreement on what is true? (8/18/98)
    Gay Forever?
    One of today's most hotly debated issues is the causation of homosexuality. In recent decades, many Americans have moved toward accepting homosexuality as genetic. Can homosexuals change their sexual orientation? (8/28/98)
    The American President's admission of an "inappropriate" relationship raises serious issues. What is appropriate in sexual matters today? Is telling the truth essential? And, is the moral character of our political leaders important? (8/28/98)
    Gay in the 90's
    National Coming Out Week is celebrated this month. This annual celebration brings the volatile issue of homosexuality to society's front burner. Please see our special focus on gay/lesbian issues. (10/12/98)
    Rights and Wrong
    It is time again to recall Roe v. Wade. Pro-lifers mourn the effect of this infamous Supreme court decision. Abortion advocates celebrate it. Most are in the middle. Where do you stand on this controversial matter? (1/18/99)
    Harmless Pleasures?
    Congress recently considered a bill to protect children from Internet pornography. First Amendment questions aside, most agree that kids should not be exposed to "adult material." But is "adult entertainment" harmful only to children? Or is pornography simply a harmful indulgence at any age? Please see our special focus on the matter of pornography. (3/2/99)
    Porn Plague
    Online pornography is so rampant today that blocking software developers cannot keep up with the proliferation of new pornographic Web sites. Meanwhile, sexual addiction is fueled by this easy access to sexually explicit materials. Few say that kids should have access, but is there need for concern for adults regarding "adult" materials, on- and offline? See our special focus. (7/18/00)
    Be a Sport
    "Sportsmania" grips millions of athletes and fans worldwide, especially with the Sydney Olympic Games on display. Yet, a recent spotlight on violent bad sportsmanship among players and parents has caused cynicism. Given the power of sports to inspire--negatively and positively--is it genuine to counter with the old line, "It's just a game"? Go a little deeper in our Special Focus. (8/28/00)
    Church Scandal
    Topping the news for weeks: sexual scandal among Catholic clergy. Zeal for both punishment and safeguards are understandable. But the crisis goes well beyond Catholics. We provide a source beyond the media blitz to help discern wisdom and broaden perspectives on this issue in our Special Focus. (7/11/02)


    Criminal Justice
    With the Timothy McVeigh sentencing in, America is hotly discussing the issue of criminal justice. "Does Timothy McVeigh deserve to die?" Christian scholars and leaders are grappling over this issue and the issues of capital punishment and criminal reform in general. We have devoted this special focus to these important topics. (9/6/97)
    Documented Power
    This month we celebrate the American Constitution, the document that protects our most basic freedoms and serves as a beacon for those who love liberty around the world. What concerns should we have regarding our constitutional order as we look back over the latter part of this century? (9/17/98)
    Executive Disorder
    With the Starr report out, the dreaded matter of impeachment looms before the House of Representatives. Should the president be forgiven and continue in office? What guidelines should we consider as this political drama unfolds? (10/1/98)
    Foundering Foundations?
    The weeks surrounding July 4th have traditionally been reserved for patriotic observance of the hard-won freedoms that Americans enjoy. It may also serve as a fitting time to check the nation's foundations for cracks. See our special focus... (6/28/99)
    Democracy in Doubt?
    The 2000 presidential election labors on under a heavy load of litigation. Is this just about who won Florida, or are there rumblings of a true constitutional crisis? Are we even prepared to assess that? See our Special Focus. (12/11/00)
    Capital Punishment: Justice or Revenge?
    McVeigh (Okla. City bomber) executed. European protesters bash President Bush regarding the death penalty. Politician calls for new look at racial disparity on death row. Capital punishment is hot again. We seek a cool-headed look in our Special Focus. (6/18/01)
    Warview: Iraq, the U.S. and World Opinion

    Worldview makes all the difference in one's take on the U.S.-led war in Iraq ("warview," if you will). America as the aggressor and opportunist or the defender of itself and world peace? We seek to offer some moral clarity and fresh perspective. (4/2/03)
    Democracy & the Middle East: Beyond Elections

    Popular elections in Afghanistan, Palestinian territories and now, Iraq. Does this foretell the burgeoning of healthy young democracies across the Middle East? Or is that a premature position? (1/19/05)

    The Millennium: Looking Back & Ahead
    Not only a New Year's celebration, the advent of the year 2000 begs for reflection on where we've been over the last ten centuries and where we're going. We offer a unique perspective on this once-in-a-thousand-years event in our very special focus. (12/20/99)
    Presidents & Other Great Americans

    Washington, Lincoln and all our Presidents will be honored this month. We pay tribute and add some other great Americans' biographies to our Special Focus. (2/12/01)

    The Reason for the Season
    Historical revisionism, secularism and commercialism have all but stripped any worthwhile meaning from the holidays for many people. Loneliness and suicide are even said to increase at this time of the year. Have we in America really forgotten the spiritual nature of these celebrations? Is God the real holiday "spirit"? We have put together a special focus on this issue. (12/8/97)
    More Than Eggs
    Seeing stores filled with chocolate bunnies, toy chicks and colored eggs reminds us that it is Easter time again. But is there more to this holiday than the pretty bonnets and baskets on a nice spring day? See our special focus on the subject of Easter. (4/6/98)
    Stars and Stripes: Forever?
    The Fourth of July is properly recognized as the anniversary of American freedom. However, the way in which many Americans choose to exercise their freedom, through both public and private expressions, has been called into question lately. Has liberty simply turned into license? (7/1/98)
    Saving Private Citizens
    This month we celebrate Veterans' Day. A recent popular movie, Saving Private Ryan, has heightened awareness of the heroism and sacrifice of our servicemen in war. Please see our Special Focus as we honor those who have protected our country's most basic freedoms. (11/5/98)
    Thanks, I Guess
    It is Thanksgiving time again. Time for turkeys, reunions and football. Do we also need to take time to consider what we have to be thankful for? Or is that simply too old-fashioned for our society today? (11/17/98)
    $easonal Merriment
    The shopping days before Christmas are quickly running out. Do you have all your presents purchased and wrapped? Are you waiting in line? Do you have your priorities in line? See our special focus on the Christmas season. (12/2/98)
    A Matter of Time
    A new year is upon us. Resolutions and plans abound. This is a good time to evaluate priorities, old and new. See our special focus on New Year's. (1/5/99)
    Measure of Rulers
    Some will consider it an irony that the Senate acquitted President Clinton of the impeachment charges on Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Others will no doubt consider the timing symbolic. Either way, February is the month that we traditionally recognize our past presidents. Please see our special focus in honor of the presidents. (2/19/99)
    He is Risen
    Few give the time in preparation for Easter that they do for Christmas. But what would we do without Easter? Would we invent another spring holiday for fluffy toys and pretty dresses? We tend to take Easter for granted. And yet, it is a special holiday with a unique claim. Should we all not take its message to heart? See our special focus on the Resurrection. (3/22/99)
    A Tradition of Thanks
    The Thanksgiving tradition runs deeply religious. Yet, many of us don't seem to understand its full implications or history. We look at this distinctly American Holiday from several angles in our special focus. (11/19/99)
    Is Christmas Necessary?
    We take Christmas for granted. When winter starts in earnest, the festivities inevitably follow. But how often have we stopped to meditate on the origins, music, meaning and ramifications of this most Christian holiday? We do in our special focus. (12/2/99)
    Remembering War: Warriors and Worldview
    This month we memorialize those who died in active military service. See our Special Focus for a look at war and warriors of our nation from a variety of angles and times. (5/7/01)

    A National Resurrection
    ZIONISTS PROCLAIM NEW STATE OF ISRAEL; TRUMAN RECOGNIZES IT AND HOPES FOR PEACE; TEL AVIV IS BOMBED, EGYPT ORDERS INVASION... Such was the frontpage headline of the New York Times fifty years ago. On May 14, 1948, at 4:00 p.m., leaders gathered in Tel Aviv to declare the establishment of a new-but-old country: the State of Israel. Please enjoy our special focus on this event and related issues. (5/12/98)
    Suffering for Christ
    Twentieth-century martyrdom and persecution have outstripped that of all other centuries. Who and where are the persecuted Christians? We have put together a Special Focus discussing the current state of global persecution and how one can respond. (7/29/98)
    Crisis Abroad
    America has been drawn into the conflict in Kosovo. Significant issues have been raised. What interest do we have there? How can we accomplish what we have set out to do? This conflict also raises broader questions about the direction of American foreign policy in a post-Cold War world. See our special focus on this important matter. (4/8/99)
    Zionism: Israel's Claim to the Land
    Fifteen more civilians are blown to bits by a suicide/homicide bomber in Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon cut short consultations with President Bush this week to discuss a cease-fire in the latest conflict with the Palestinians. Intifada and Israeli reprisal, the cycle goes on. But why? Does Israel have any right to the land? Do the Palestinians? See our Special Focus. (5/10/02)


    Culture of Death
    As our nation passes the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in all 50 states, perhaps this is an appropriate moment to reflect upon the significance of this most famous and controversial of modern constitutional cases. The road from Roe has been long, complicated and emotional. What revealing cultural signs may we view today as symbols of its now quarter-century-long legacy? Do we in fact live in what some have designated as the "Culture of Death"? (1/9/98)
    Clone Encounters
    Last year we met Dolly the sheep. Other successful cloning experiments have since followed. One doctor even made national news by announcing his plan to clone humans. Are we indeed next? Are we ready? Please see our special focus on the controversial issue of cloning. (9/9/98)
    Terminal Logic
    Dr. Kevorkian has challenged the system again, this time moving from assisted suicide to euthanasia. While even some of his former supporters denounce his latest project, others continue to applaud his efforts. (12/8/98)
    The Genome's Out of the Bottle
    The bio-technology world is abuzz--the genetic recipe that makes up humans (human genome) is nearing completion of the first stage of cataloging this month. We investigate the ethics of genetics in our special focus. (6/5/00)
    Sanctified Life
    Sanctity of Human Life Week (January 21-28) celebrates the value of all human life as sacred. We explore the broad ethical implications of abortion, and sister issues like euthanasia and fetal research in our Special Focus. (1/22/01)
    Double-Take: Human Cloning
    Cloning and other forms of bioengineering make for daily headlines now that the human genome has been mapped and preliminarily analyzed. Should the momentum created by such advances give us pause? We stop to consider the exciting and frightening potential in our Special Focus. (3/5/01)

    30 Years of Roe v. Wade: Death, Deceit, Depression
    Abortion on demand became law in 1973. The judiciary sees this "right" as indespensible in protecting women's rights. But as statistical fabrications, health risks and fraudulent legal bases come to light, opposition to that premise grows. (Not to mention the 40 million aborted babies.) See our Special Focus. (1/15/03)
    Stem Cell Research: Is a Life for a Life Required?
    Stem cells to the rescue? Yes, there is promising research and treatment, but what should be the source of this "miracle material"? Ethical implications abound amid all the promise of cures and therapies. We survey the issues in our Special Focus. (8/25/04)
    Euthanasia: Mercy or Murder?
    Terry Schiavo may be euthanized this week. Two Oscar-winning films featured euthanasia. Right-to-die laws are being discussed in courts and legistlatures across the land. Europe slips further toward broad-scale euthanasia. The issue is hot. Are you informed?

    Death and Dying
    The death of Mother Teresa and the untimely passing of Princess Diana have caused grief in the lives of millions the world over. Such events cause not only trauma but spark reflection on the place of death, the grieving process and life hereafter. We have put together a special focus on these issues. (9/11/97)
    Your Truth, My Truth
    In his video testimony, President Clinton said he thought both Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas had been telling the truth. Is such a statement indicative of our postmodern society? Mutually exclusive testimonies that are both true? Please see our special focus on postmodernism. (10/6/98)
    The Problem of Evil
    "Is There Meaning in Evil and Suffering?" - A forum featuring Dr. Ravi Zacharias in a discussion with three world-class university scholars: Dr. Bernard Leikind, Dr. Jitendra Mohanty, Dr. William Lane Craig. Find out more... (2/3/99)
    Terror in America
    Terror struck America's heart. The World Trade Center Towers in New York are no more. The Pentagon is partially demolished. Thousands are dead and wounded. How can a supposedly good God allow this? Where is the hope in the midst of this great tragedy? (11/17/01)
    Space Shuttle Columbia: Descent Into Eternity
    Six millions miles through space and, a mere 16 minutes from landing, the space shuttle Columbia disintegrated. The space program lives on says NASA and the President, but the brave crew did not. Yet...Christians believe they do live on. See our Special Focus. (2/6/02)
    Does God Exist? Theism and Biblical Faith vs. Atheism and Agnosticism
    Atheism claims that God does not exist. Agnosticism says we cannot know. Theism defends belief in God. Biblical faith holds to the God of the Bible. Who is right? Can we know for a certainty? How does one know? We provide traditional arguments, extensions and improvements on those, alternative viewpoints and practices of Christian apologetics and more. (10/27/04)
    Tsunamis, Suffering & Evil: How Can an All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Good God Allow It?
    The colossal destruction of the Asian tsunami disaster raises profound questions about God: how could an all-knowing, all-powerful, loving God allow this? We offer no pat answers, but deep perspective from a Christian worldview.
    Worldview: History and Christian Application of Weltanschauung Theory
    Humans seldom think of their worldview any more than the air that they breathe. Yet, one's Weltanschauung digs the very channels through which the heart and mind run. The Christian study of worldview is an important development for everyone.
    Featuring Dr. William Lane Craig
    Dr. William Lane Craig, world-renowned debater, author & professor is featured, along with some of his prolific writings and debates. Visit his Virtual Faculty Office here at LeaderU.

    A Day and Lifetime for Love
    Valentine's Day celebrates love relationships. But today's popular portrayal of romantic love is not without difficulties. Our media presents love as a feeling rather than a virtue. Is a fleeting sentiment, however, powerful enough to sustain couples through tough times? Should sexual passions--blazes fanned by media imagery--be the primary basis for serious choices between men and women? See our special focus on this issue. (2/10/98)
    Mission: Motherhood
    This month we express our gratitude for mothers. We honor them with a special Sunday that we call 'Mother's Day.' But motherhood is a year-round institution. Does society understand the importance of the mothering role today? We have developed a special focus on this issue. (5/11/98)
    Melted Hearts
    Buying Valentine's is an important way that we show our beloved that we care. In this special focus we have gathered some thoughts on love, dating and marriage that we thought you might appreciate. (2/14/99)
    A New Proposal
    Recently, legislators have joined the battle against the menace of rampant divorce. Should government be partially responsible for strengthening the institution of marriage? Or should this be left strictly to families, churches and private organizations? See our special focus on marriage and divorce. (7/12/99)
    What Is Free Sex Selling?
    Is "free love" really free? Or is the cost too high to bear? Sociological, psychological, medical and even criminal research--as well as personal experience--tells us that the sexual revolution has short-circuited true freedom. (2/14/00)
    What's a Dad?
    What does it take to be a true father? Do dads provide a necessary family function, or has the rise of lesbian motherhood, single mothers and other social arangements rendered fathers passé? What is the status of fatherhood in our culture today? And how much does it really matter? Reflecting on Father's Day, we've created a Special Focus to briefly explore the recent state of fatherhood in our culture and how to address it, one daddy at a time. (6/19/00)
    Divorce & Marriage
    Divorce is such an integral part of our collective life that we can now point and click on the Internet to get one. Multiple marriages carry no stigma while some heartily recommend the lifestyle. So what's the big deal? See our Special Focus. (3/15/02)
    Redefining Marriage: The Gay Way
    The Massachussetts Supreme Court found laws barring gay marriage unconstitutional. Perhaps the greatest culture-war showdown of all is brewing. How would same-sex marriage redefine marriage? What are the stakes? (12/11/03)

    The Possibility of Extra-Terrestrial Life
    The Pathfinder's exploration of Mars, following on the heels of the Roswell anniversary, has turned our attention and imagination to space once more. The question of extraterrestrial life looms again as an issue of great interest. Underlying questions about the origin of the of the universe and its relation to the God of faith are being raised again with renewed vigor. Leadership University offers a special focus to discuss some questions relating to these issues. (7/10/97)
    Science & Religion: Oil & Water?
    We are led to see science and religion as mortal enemies or at least as incompatible means to explain the universe. But is this popular notion just a myth? Get viewpoints from scientists and theologians themselves in our special focus. (6/7/99)
    The Church of Darwin
    The Kansas Board of Education recently ignited a firestorm when they removed macro-evolution from state testing requirements. Is this primarily a science issue or are there other, deeper considerations? See our special focus. (9/8/99)
    2001+: A Spiritual-Technological Odyssey
    The classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey provided a prophecy" of the future and a plunge into the transcendent. Now that we've reached the year, we do the same in our Special Focus. (1/8/01)
    Designer Universe: Intelligent Design Theory of Origins
    Intelligent Design is an alternative theory to Darwinian evolution receiving frontpage prominence in papers like the New York Times. It's also turning heads in academia and science, but not without stirring hot debate. Discover more in our Special Focus. (4/16/01)
    Ethics of the Environment
    In a reversal, President Bush said "No" to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which he says unfairly impose emission controls on developed nations. In another controversy, the Federal government will allow oil drilling on protected lands. A global, mainstreamed environmental movement strenuously opposes such moves. What worldview do they represent? What responsibility do Christians bear? Explore our Special Focus. (8/6/01)
    Our Universe: Fine-Tuned for Life?
    Science has recently discovered just how finely tuned the universe must be to accommodate us and the rest of carbon-based life on our planet. Many believe the best explanation is a Creator. We examine the arguments in our Special Focus. (2/8/02)
    Junk Science & Bogus Studies
    A memorable TV ad featured human-sized eggs being released from jail after studies overturned earlier ones claiming eggs were unhealthy. Bogus studies and junk science journalism mix with the daily avalanche of information. Our Special Focus samples a few of the subjects that carry more weight than mere eggs. (4/9/02)
    Science & Religion: Oil & Water? (updated)
    We are led to see science and religion as mortal enemies or at least as incompatible means to explain the universe. But is this popular notion just a myth? Get viewpoints from scientists and theologians themselves in our special focus. (7/21/04)
    Is Intelligent Design Getting an Intelligent Hearing?
    Intelligent Design, a controversial alternative to Darwinian (macro)evolution, has gained public notoriety and is affecting textbook and curriculum battles across the U.S. Is it a valid enterprise or religion posing as science? What is the progress of this movement?


    A renewed interest in cults has swept the country as a result of the events involving Heaven's Gate. What is a cult, and how is it different from a religious group? What is it that makes people stay in cult groups and sometimes be willing even to die for their group? To help you become more familiar with cult religions, we've highlighted the following articles from our resource-base. (5/7/97)
    The Jesus Seminar
    The Jesus Seminar is a group of New Testament scholars who have been meeting periodically since 1985. The initial two hundred has now dwindled to about seventy-four active members. They initially focused on the sayings of Jesus within the four Gospels to determine the probability of His actually having said the things attributed to Him. (6/13/97)
    Jesus the Christ
    Leadership University exists to explore the truths about Jesus Christ and the Christian worldview. This special focus page explores the biblical and historical Jesus, personal stories of those who have accepted Christ's claims, and asks the question "Would You Like To Know Christ Personally?" (7/7/97)
    Comparing World Religions
    Buddhism is being proclaimed an emerging spiritual trend in America. Celebrities announce they are followers of major Buddhist teachers. Trends come. Trends go. But questions remain. Are all major religions the same? Do they all lead to the same place? Does it really matter which of the world's religions you choose to believe? We have put together a special focus on comparative religions to help you understand this very important issue. (10/15/97)
    God Was Born?
    What was so special about that child born in the stable at Bethlehem some two millennia ago? Was he a great sage or philosopher? Or, was he God? (12/10/98)
    Star Wars Spirituality: Beyond the Hype
    Movie-goers everywhere--especially devotees--have awaited the latest release in the sci-fi series with sometimes religious zeal. Is this just another craze or are there deeper motivations and messages? (5/17/99)
    A Good God? The Problem of Evil
    Shootings. Natural disasters. "How could a good God allow all this evil and suffering?" That's probably THE number one question on the lips of believers and skeptics alike. Our special focus explores the possibility of real answers. (9/30/99)
    One Way?
    Remember the "One Way" patches on bell-bottom jeans in the "Jesus freak" days of the 1970s, featuring a finger pointing heavenward? Can one religion's truth claims legitimately trump those of other religions? Was "One Way" just a quaint sentiment or do the exclusivistic claims of Christianity deserve a careful examination? No time like the Easter season to do just that through our special focus. (3/30/00)
    Whatever Happened to Sin?
    "Sinner, repent!" We think of fire-and-brimstone preachers of old when sin is mentioned, but is it a quaint but irrelevant notion of a bygone era? In an age of shifting morality and arbitrary ethics, it may help to examine the concept of sin. Maybe we feel guilty because we are! But who's to say? Our special focus provides a starting place... (8/7/00)
    Who is the True Jesus? Islamic & Christian Views
    A centuries-old question between Islam and Christianity persists today. How does the Jesus of the Qur'an and the Jesus of the Bible compare? Is there harmony between the views of him? An October 19 debate engages scholarly members of both powerful religions. See our Special Focus for debate information and related articles and testimonials--most of them decidedly Christian in viewpoint. (10/16/00)
    Resurrection? So What?
    The Resurrection of Christ has been debated regularly for two millennia--often at Eastertime--and we add to the discussion. But if the Resurrection is a reality, what difference does it make to us? Find out in our Easter Special Focus. (3/26/01)
    The Nature of Islam
    Since the murderous terrorism of September 11 and the subsequent war--seen by many Muslims as war on their religion--many Westerners have sought greater knowledge of Islam. Is it, as claimed, a religion of peace? What do Muslims believe, in general and in particular regarding war and violence? How does it compare with Christianity? See our Special Focus. (10/23/01)
    Mormonism: Christian or Cult?
    In recent years, the Mormon Church has overtly marketed itself as another Christian denomination among many. Is it? Or is it an imposter, as some claim, with radically different claims and doctrines? Find out in our Special Focus. (1/8/02)
    A Skeptic's Easter
    Easter presupposes a resurrection, which assumes a real, historical Jesus based on the Bible. But how does one know if these things are plausible or true? Here is a collection of evidences for the head and the heart for those open to them. (3/17/03)

    Gay Theology: Is God "Doing a New Thing"?
    Most Americans remain opposed to sanctioned gay marriage, but liberal Christian denominations are embracing not only same-sex unions, but ecclesiastical leadership by homosexuals as well. We examine the theology at the root of this momentous cultural shift. (8/19/03)
    Islam & Jihad: Is Terrorism An Aberration?
    Does terrorism represent Islam or does the jihad of radical groups like al Qaeda cut against the grain of the religion? What do the Qur'an and Hadith (the sayings, story of Muhammad) and history say? (3/31/04)