Computers and the Information Revolution
Kerby Anderson
What has been the impact of the information revolution, and how should Christians respond? The world has shifted to a computer-based society; we need some guiding principles and ethics for technology?s "Brave New World".
Kerby Anderson
Examines the pervasiveness of pornography on computer. Provides suggestions for congressional action and parental action.
The End of the Nation-State
First Things, August/September 1996
"The End of the Nation-State" is a book by Jean-Marie Guehenno. It is translated by Victoria Elliot and reviewed by A. J. Bacevich. The author believes that the end of the era of nation-states is upon us. As the information age spreads, national bord
The Internet
Sue Bohlin
How should Christians deal with this new cultural force? There are many worthwhile places on the Internet for believers, and this essay is heavily documented with the electronic addresses. The dangers of pornography and unwise intimacy with computer-mediated relationships are also discussed.
The Pornography Plague
Kerby Anderson
This essay describes forms of pornography and then documents the psychological and social effects. It also examines legal issues and provides a biblical perspective on sex.
Science and the Story that We Need
First Things, January 1997
Current technology tranfers messages at a blistering pace. Modern science provides guidance on where we came from and how we should live. But what genuine human purpose is served by this glut of information?
Values, Virtues, and John Paul II
First Things, April 1997
Today politicians of every stripe seek to promote "values." But the term "values" itself is a problematic one. Pope John Paul II speaks of "values" fairly frequently. What does he mean when he uses this term?
Water Project in Iran
Dr. Otto J. Helweg
This is a series of 4 pages showing a water project for the National Plan Organization in Iran.
A Web Approach to Education
The Real Issue, April/May 1996
Don Bouldin discusses how using the World Wide Web has increased the quality of interaction with his students, made him more effective and efficient as a teacher, enhanced his research, and aided in obtaining information for grant proposals.